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CakePHP Installation Over SSH

Introduction: There are a few ways to install CakePHP, such as downloading CakePHP and uploading via FTP or SFTP, installing installing CakePHP with Git Clone, and a handful of other ways. Probably the quickest way if you are not using git is to install CakePHP with SSH. This is only really for Linux users. There is probably a Windows way of doing all of this, but it's not my area and so is not covered by this article.

First, grab the URL of the latest CakePHP packake (or whatever version you want to use) from the CakePHP Version Archive.

For this tutorial, we are using version 2.4.5.

Assumptions: I'm assuming you know what CakePHP is, have SSH and know how to connect to a server with it, and have wget installed and are using some flavour of *nix.

Step 1.

Create a directory for your new CakePHP application and move into that directory.


# mkdir dev //created a directory called 'dev'. This where your Cake app will live. # cd dev //changed into the new 'dev' directory

Wherever you put your CakePHP application, it should be available to the public. You can split your CakePHP application up into private/public files to keep the PHP separate from the HTML, Javascript and CSS. Here is a tutorial on how to do that if your using CPanel.

Step 2.

Download and extract CakePHP to your server using the wget command.


#wget --no-check-certificate #tar -zxvf 2.4.5 // here we extract what we just downloaded above #rm 2.4.5 // remove the downloaded archive, don't need it now we have extracted it

Step 3.

Rename the CakePHP folder (if you want to) to something a little friendlier.


mv cakephp-2.4.5/ mycake

Now if you got to the address of your CakePHP application in your browse (http://something.ext/mycake) you should see some permission errors. Set permissions correctly on mycake/app/tmp and reload the page and you are done.

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